Nose Guard? Why use one?

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Nose Guards are not a hotly debated subject and most riders just use them. When we ask riders why they use them they usually admit they never thought about it. People in other winter sports do not use nose guards, but dirt MX riders generally always have them. Most people first started riding with ATV open face helmets and ATV goggles that grew into niche market, but has always been more focused on the dirt. The snowmobile industry has grown and companies like JUDGED are building snowmobile specific products. Some of our goggles have nose guards, some do not and some have replaceable nose guards. What is best for you? Only you can decide.

Do you have a medical issue? Some people have skin situations that require a nose guard.  This is usually to help them from getting sun burnt or wind burn. This is not very common, but an issue that has no flexibility for some.

Do you have fogging issues? Nose guards and especially ones that hold heat will cause fogging issues. Try a goggle set with no nose guard and see the difference. Your nose will most likely not get cold because you are already making enough heat to fog your goggles.

Do you require some extra protection? Some snow cross racers may like the added protection when the track turns to dirt and things start flying.

Do you boondock or highly active on your snowmobile? We suggest no nose guard for this too. It will help keep your goggles clear while you may not be going fast, but being active.

Do you ride in very cold weather at higher speeds? We suggest a nose guard. Your exposed nose can get frostbite, so the added protection will be helpful.







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