October 29, 2019 1 min read

Several JUDGED products utilize something our own waterproof membrane. We have found what we think is the perfect waterproof and breathable membrane.

Our system is a membrane and at least two other layers preventing water from coming in while it allows moisture out. Its structure is microporous. It is a premium fabric having a polyurethane coating. It does not allow water in due to the layers of material having tiny holes, while it allows moisture. When you pour water in our gloves, it will not drip. Steam rises when you pour boiling water. The material ensures that you remain warm and dry.

Part of the features included in the version we utilize is microscopic aluminum flakes for zeolite crystallization. There are almost over 10 billion pores per every square inch. Its production process is a trade secret due to the obtaining of the correct process and controlling the size of each hole being a balancing act.

The role of the first layer is the prevention of the passage of any water in. The pores in 20 times smaller than a drop of water. It allows moisture out and prevents water from entering due to the minute opening.

The structure of the second layer is a honeycomb. Its role is allowing moisture in such that it is expelled through the first layer. With it, your body will not be sweaty due to it absorbing the moisture while it allows the moisture to leave slowly. You can’t feel this because it is at a microscopic and macroscopic levels.


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