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I think the typical question most people ask is about the lens color to use. The question is such that several websites suggest certain color; however, one will also tend to ask why it is so. Here is the explanation on each lens, including the advantages.

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Before we continue, there are certain terms to understand.

The quantity of light given the opportunity to pass through is known as Light Transmittance Value (LTV, VT, or Tvis). More light is allowed to pass through with more LTV. The LTV of the windows in houses would be high while that of tinted windows and snowmobile headlight would be quite low. 

The term for the description of a lens that does not allow the eye to see blue hues is Blue Blocking. Its function is to block the snow’s blues making things feel hazy. The provision of the best contrast and the processing of the snow conditions to aid your eyes are possible with blue blocking goggles.

It’s time to discuss colors.

Polarized/Mirrored Lens – These are the best for sunny days and it is our top seller. They cut the glare due to polarity and the mirrored finish possesses a slight grey hue. Due to the glare back during sunny days, it is possible for your riding partner to have his darkest shades on and still unable to compete. An observation on a sunny day is that it is possible to see more details with these likewise. Their look is great and they will look somewhat a little too dark. Hence, you can obtain another lens for night riding.

Photorochomatic - Are auto tinting lenses. They are almost clear with no light  like at night and become darkly tinted in bright sun.

Orange – We prefer this and suggest it as it is an all around lens color. We prefer this to ride all day. When it comes to color wheel, this is the direct opposite of blue. Likewise, it blocks blue excellently. It has a high LTV and is the best all around blue blocker.

Yellow – Many prefer this and would say is the same as orange. It is most suitable for the darkest overcast days. Out of the JUDGED stocks, it possesses the highest LTV.  When it comes to blue blocking, this is great and the best, especially on heavy overcast days.

Rose – This is not quite a popular choice. However, it I worth having. It has the same LTV value as orange, but having a red shade at night can aid pupil dilation. This effect is obtainable in many flashlights due to red shade. For sunny days, this is also a great and the best blue blocker.

Green – When there is dirt, this is a popular choice; for snow, some individuals prefer it too. The reason for night vision goggles being green is that your eye can actually see the most shades of green than any other color. It is possible to have a washout effect with this on sunny days as it does not block blue.

Blue – According to science, wearing this does not make sense. However, many people still prefer it. Blue is the easiest color on the eyes.

Is it clear now? Go for a mirrored polarized when it comes to sunny days and an orange pair for others. For something a little brighter, consider yellow instead. The rose is good for you if you ride at night the most.

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