Tips and Precautions: Snowmobile Riding Safety

September 05, 2017 2 min read

Riding a snowmobile is an exhilarating sport that requires the right technique and skill. Be it a vacation activity or a regular seasonal sport, it is important to practice and learn the right method of operating the snowmobile to make it a pleasurable experience. Mishaps and accidents are sometimes inevitable, but if you take all necessary safety precautions, you can avoid severe harm and damage. It’s always advisable to assume complete safety methods when riding a snowmobile.


When it comes to safety, it includes the rider’s safety as well as safety of the snowmobile. While for the snowmobile it is important to ensure that it is in proper running condition and is well maintained, for the rider the safety measures are much more.


  • ‘MUST’ Riding Safety Tips:


  1. Complete Gear and Protection


Never ride a snowmobile without proper riding gear and protection. This includes, a riding suit, helmet and gloves. The riding gear not just protects you but also enhances the riding experience.


  1. Don’t drink and ride


Just like a car, bike or any other vehicle, never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Riding after drug or alcohol consumption impairs your judgment and puts you and others at risk. Additionally, your vision, balance, coordination and reaction time will also be hampered. 


  1. Safety in Numbers


However well you may ride, never ride alone! It’s always advisable to ride in groups. In case of any mishap, another rider and snowmobile can always come to rescue.


  1. Riding On Frozen Lakes/Rivers


Avoid riding on ice over lakes and rivers. If you must, make sure you stick to the riding trail. Avoid areas where you can see the water current below the ice, as the ice here may be thin and weak.


  1. Speed Control


While riding fast may seem exciting, over speeding is the cause for most accidents. Be it day or night time, always keep a control on your riding speed and adhere to speed limits. Especially when riding at night, ensure you don’t exceed 40 MPH. For a few minutes of adrenaline rush, don’t put yourself and other at risk!


Taking all required safety measures will make your snowmobile riding experience even more enhanced and exciting. Whether you are a seasoned rider, a learner or a recreational rider; never ever ignore the safety measures.


Ride Safe and Be safe!