August 27, 2019 2 min read

For snowmobiling, it is possible that goggles are a very crucial item of all the necessary items. Here is guide on the features to consider when it is time to shop for goggles.

Consider the goggles of the helmet you already own to understand the way it will work appropriately. The building of many ski goggles is such that they are not to be in a helmet. You should test fit the goggles when you know you will mismatch. Look out for gaps or exposed foam by going around where the goggle meets the helmet.

Most people complain about fogging the most. Venting is the major defense in fogging. To know that it is not possible, try to drill a dime-sized hole in each side of a pair of goggles and then try to make them to fog. Too bad it snows, rains and snow dust is always around. Ensure to check the way the goggle you want to buy vents. It is renowned that a small little vents blocked by foam does not cut it.

Prevention of fog likewise requires foam with the ability to produce seal such that your head heat is kept out. Although it must not be too thick, the thickness of the foam must be adequate. This is because being too thick will push the goggle out and will not comfortable but annoying.

There should silicone on the strap. There can be a great problem with wet helmets and straps without silicone. Fogging is likewise the result of the straps snapping to the helmet.

Ensure that your nose guard is not too tight if you prefer it. Big and small nose guards bring quick fogging. You can check our article on nose guards for further details. Our Sanction goggles actually have a vented nose guard. 

If you come across someone having mismatched and improperly designed goggles complaining about fog, tell them about JUDGED Gear. An article is coming on the tips to prevent fogging; watch out.

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