Sanction Goggles 2


Pre-order. Deliver is 2nd week of September. Late deliveries receive a FREE lens.

*New sloped foam design

*New strap design

*New frame material

When you’re out in the snow, you need to adequately protect your eyes against all sorts of elements and items. The snow can reflect the sunlight into your eyes, causing severe damage to your retinas. Ice chunks, rocks, sticks can also come flying at you. Simple snow flakes can even become painful when riding.

We took a look at currently available goggles on the market and decided that we could do better; that’s why we created the Sanction Goggles. All of our testers love them and customers have too.

[A Frame-less Design] – We have removed the frames traditional goggles have to widen your viewing range, while at the same time making sure that the goggles remain just as robust as they would be with the frame. That also has the added benefit of making the goggles more lightweight. Additionally, thanks to the new vented nose beak, as well as a special coating of the lenses, these goggles are completely anti-fogging, ensuring you’ll be able to see at all times.

[Protection Against The Elements] – The primary function of goggles is, of course, the protection of its wearer against UV rays, snow, wind, ice and rocks. To this end, we made sure to make these goggles as robust as they could be without adding any unnecessary weight.

[A Lens For Every Occasion] – Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the color of the frames. That’s why the Sanction Goggles come with seven unique lenses. The goggles use specialized magnets to create a secure seal between the lenses and the goggles. This way, you can swap the lenses instantly.

The Sanction Goggles come with both a hard case and a soft bag for storage. The goggles are made so that they fit perfectly inside all of our helmets.

You can purchase extra lenses here: Buy Extra Lenses

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Corbin Beliveau
Great Goggle

Googles are very comfortable and fit great in the gavel helmet

Joe Wulf
5 stars

Works great!

Nathaniel Barrett
Work pretty good

Normally I use 509 heated googles but I had a wire break on those so I decided to try these and they don’t fog unless I’m ridding pretty hard but are much better than normal googles for sure. A good investment some times I have to take the lense off with the googles on to adjust the foam to my liking but work great!

Tom Kiviat
New goggles

The googles and spare lenses were in stock and delivered pretty quick during the holidays 👍

Goodbye Foggin Gogg

Padding is perfect on these goggles. creates a great fit in both my Klim and Fly helmet! The base layers I also purchased are a great middleweight materiel. I typically wear a super light silk on 20*+ days. These will be used any day the temps are under 20*. Thanks Judged!!!