Gavel 2.0 Helmet (Damaged Box)

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The same gavel helmet, but the box was damaged. These are helmets we set out as inventory at shows and some boxes became damaged and we cannot retail.

[Fulfills All Safety Standards] – The Gavel 2.0 helmet is made of dual-density EPS and meets and exceeds both DOT and ECE R 22.05 tests. This means that you can use this helmet in the USA, Canada and 50 other countries worldwide without a problem. This way, you can be sure that this helmet will protect you during your drive.  

[Proprietary Breathbox] – The Gavel 2.0 uses a dropbox breath box to prevent wind and snow coming under your helmet. This makes the helmet a lot more comfortable to wear and prevents anything from entering from the chin bar or under. You can easily tuck your helmet down to prevent coming in at any speed.

[Comfort and Venting] Along with our Carbon Fiber technology  to make this helmet super light, we put a lot of thought into air and comfort. The helmet has rear anti-drip vents and multiple sized cheek pads to optimize wearing comfort. The visor has expanded holes to not catch wind, but will block the sun.

[Goggle Fit] – All of our goggles will fit correctly while you’re wearing the Gavel 2.0 helmet. They will fit a little tighter than what most riders are used, but that’s our secret. Enjoy fog free days that are comfortable!

  • DOT Safety Standard (You can use this in USA on roads)
  • ECE Safety Standard (You can use this in Canada on roads)
  • Multiple sized cheek pads
  • Dropbox breath box to prevent wind and snow coming under helmet
  • Fully vented visor
  • Rear anti-drip vents
  • Can be combined with our goggles that fit correctly
  • All single piece molding
  • Dual density EPS


Our sizing runs true and aligns with most other helmet manufacturers. If you are unsure, please measure your head and view the sizing chart below. Our helmets are all supplied with multiple cheek pads to ensure a comfortable fit. The foam in our helmet will also slightly form to your head after 2 or 3 rides for a perfect fit. If your helmet does not fit, please contact us, and we will ship a properly fitting helmet and even pay the shipping back on your existing helmet—no cost to you, so please wear a properly fitting helmet.

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Buddy Hackett

Funny, the box was just fine when it arrived at my door. I used it this weekend. Super light and looks great.