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A proper balaclava is an absolute must-have for underneath your helmet to ensure that no cold air enters between your helmet and you. To this end, the JUDGED Cold Weather Balaclava is the only thing you’ll need. 

[Comprehensive Protection From Weather] – The windproof fabric protects the head and neck from cold draughts. It is ideal as universal protection under any type of helmet and also protects well against frost. The chill stays outside, and the warmth inside.

[High Working Comfort With Elasticity] - The mask uses specially developed polyester fibers and superior design to produce high-quality balaclavas that offer excellent performance for breathability, absorbency, wicking, durability and abrasion resistance. It is very soft, wrinkle-free and lightweight. Stay warm and dry the entire time you’re outside.

[Improved Design] – Thanks to the added external wind dress, you’ll have better wind and cold protection. These little details make the difference between a lousy balaclava and a good one that will keep you dry and warm.

[Full Face] – Take no risks. This balaclava is completely full face and does not give the cold wind any opportunity to enter. Only the eyes are free, and these can be entirely covered with our Gavet Goggles.

[JUDGED] – Just like the rest of our equipment, our balaclava works perfectly as a set with the rest of our equipment. The helmet will fit perfectly over it, while the goggles will make sure your eyes are correctly covered.

  • Built-in Breathbox
  • Insulated and breathable construction
  • Full face 
  • Vented Nose And Mouth Area
  • External Wind Skirt
  • Comfortable Stretch Fit

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The baklava is warm but I am not a big fan of the breath divert. It seems that could be re-engineered for sure