Copy of Probation Pullover (Display Piece - XXL ONLY)

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DISPLAY PIECE. PIECE IS DIRTY! Should not be stained. No returns.

If you’re looking for a pullover that’s both minimalistic and functional, then our Probation Pullover is precisely what you’re looking for. Our testers have worked on this pullover for more than three seasons, and we are confident that we were able to design the best possible pullover for our customers.  

[Functionality and Comfort] – The Probation Pullover uses two different layers of materials. The outer material is soft and more flexible, while the inner material is soft and wicks moisture away. This will prevent you from excessively sweating while wearing it, all while feeling comfortable, warm thanks to the full felt collar! Of course, the entire pullover is also breathable, having several vents distributed over the pullover. In addition to this, the pullover has been equipped with a new waterproofing method to keep you dry at all times.

[Keep Your Essentials With You] – The pullover has a wrist pocket for you to keep your essential items on you. To preserve these items warmer, the inner layer of the pullover will allow your body heat to penetrate to the pocket.

[Adjustable and Perfect Fit] – Our Probation Pullover has a whole new sizing and fit and is adjustable to suit your needs! The hood can both be tightened and removed; the waist can be stretched both in the front and back and the wrists can be tightened as well to ensure that no cold enters through the arms. The pullover can easily be put on thanks to the half zip in the front.

• Outer material is softer and more flexible
• Inner material is softer and wicks more moisture away
• New process on waterproofing
• Whole new sizing and fit
• Pockets are all mesh and allow heat from your body to keep items warmer
• Removable hood
• Hood with a beak
• Ability to tighten hood
• Full felt collar
• Collar that can be adjusted
• Extended rear flap
• Waist that can be tightened front or back
• Wrist gators
• Wrist tighteners 
• Wrist pocket
• Kill switch D-ring
• Dual pit vents with mesh
• Rear double zip vent
• Dual side zips with dual zipper heads
• Ability to vent in 5 places—3 mesh lined
• YKK zippers all around
• Waterproof zippers all around
• A real half zip in the front

Sizing is pretty easy. We tell people whatever a new hooded sweatshirt fits good will be the right size. Not an old used hoodie, but one that is new and has not shrunk or been stretched over time.

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