Gavel 2.0 Helmet (Dirt)

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Our Gavel 2.0 is out! This was based on our very well like Gavel. We tweaked a number of features to make it even better. Larger mouth area, new visor design, graphics, soft liner all at a very light weight. To prevent dust our dirt version included a dust mask called Wolfsnout.

  • DOT Safety Standard (You can use this in USA on roads)
  • ECE Safety Standard (You can use this in Canada on roads)
  • Multiple sized cheek pads
  • Wolfsnout
  • Fully vented visor
  • Rear anti-drip vents
  • Can be combined with our goggles that fit correctly
  • All single piece molding
  • Dual density EPS

 The Gavel meets or exceeds DOT and ECE R 22.05 tests. Every single run of these helmets get tested and not just random sampling.  Each run we ensure that the batch meets or exceeds all ECE tests and chin protection.  Our motocross helmet meets these international standards, is approved in 50 countries and just about any type of racing application. Testing details can be found at

Our sizing runs true and aligns with most other helmet manufacturers. If you are unsure, please measure your head and view the sizing chart below. Our helmets are all supplied with multiple cheek pads to ensure a comfortable fit. The foam in our helmet will also slightly form to your head after 2 or 3 rides for a perfect fit. If your helmet does not fit, please contact us and we will ship a proper fitting helmet and even pay the shipping back on your existing helmet—no cost to you, so please wear a proper fitting helmet.


Sizing Table