Prosecutor Gloves

Conquer the trails with confidence and precision in our Prosecutor Gloves. Designed for snowmobile enthusiasts, these gloves offer unmatched performance and protection for your winter adventures.

Enhanced Grip and Control:

Take charge of your snowmobile with our Prosecutor Gloves' superior grip technology. The anti-slip palm ensures a secure hold on the handlebars, allowing for precise maneuvers and control.

Weather-Resistant Defense:

Ride in any weather condition with peace of mind. The Prosecutor Gloves' weather-resistant features shield you from wind, snow, and low temperatures, ensuring you stay comfortable and focused.

Optimal Comfort and Flexibility:

Experience optimal comfort with a snug and flexible fit. The Prosecutor Gloves are crafted with premium materials that allow for natural hand movements and flexibility.

Built to Last:

Invest in gloves that go the distance. The Prosecutor Gloves are engineered for durability, making them your reliable companion for countless snowmobile rides.

Key Features:

  • Precision Grip Technology: Provides a secure hold on snowmobile handlebars for precise control.
  • Weather-Resistant Construction: Shields against wind, snow, and varying temperatures.
  • Comfortable and Flexible Fit: Allows for natural hand movements and optimal comfort.
  • Durable Performance: Engineered for long-lasting use in snowmobiling adventures.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes: Choose the perfect fit for your hands.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
chad j guthrie
Prosecutor gloves.

I like the glove I now have three pairs that I have bought. They are a comfortable glove. Not bulky. I use them riding and with recovery ropes and winch’s. I have Back country recoveries.

Brendan Mcelroy
My go to glove

These are my Go To glove for off trail riding. They are thin and breathable but have held up to 3 winters of abuse. I have been caught in rain,snow, sleet etc and they have taken care of me every step of the way. If your looking for a thin style backcountry glove that offers full mobility, great comfort and years of protection I would recommend these everytime.

Joe Gill
Going into 3rd season

I've used these gloves for 2 full seasons now, which is better life than any other glove I've tried. Its reinforced in all the right places and integrated with leather instead of light materials like mechanics gloves or most other brands. Its rugged enough for use also as a "work" glove strapping down sleds, putting on chains, tightening down the sled deck, handling wood when building a backcountry fire, etc!

Kyle groves
My do it all glove

I wear these gloves all the time and love the fit and feel. Once it's go time i make sure these are on my hands

Benjamin Harlow
Mechanics gloves on steroids!

Hands down my go to gloves! Always the first glove I wear when I'm out in the trees. Love how thin they are, control is key. The extra material in the palm and wear areas has helped make these gloves last! The leather helps keep my hands dry vs old mechanics gloves soak in the snow as it hits the warm glove, well worth the buy!