Prosecutor Gloves

 We know how chunky snowmobiling gloves can be, and how it can limit the mobility of your hands. That’s exactly what we wanted to improve on with our Prosecutor Gloves. We took inspiration for the thin mechanic-style gloves and re-vamped them for snowmobiling, making these gloves some of the thinnest and strongest gloves on the market. 

[Thin and Robust] – These Prosecutor Gloves are thinner than any gloves you’ll have ever worn for snowmobiling, but just like our testers did, you’ll quickly notice that these gloves will keep you just as warm as the traditional ones. This is thanks to a combination of leather patches and a special treatment of the outer material to shed snow. In addition to this, these gloves are made of a strong fabric, making them far more robust and durable as well.

[Increased Grip] – While wearing traditional snowmobiling gloves often reduce the amount of grip you have, our prosecutor gloves do the exact opposite! Thanks to strategically placed patches on the outside of the gloves, they will greatly increase the grip you have.

[Easy To Put On] – Thanks to the single velcrow system, you can quickly put these gloves on and take them off again. Thanks to the flexibility of the gloves, you won’t have to struggle your hands into them, you’ll be able to put them on with great ease.

  • Thin and Aggressive Feel 
  • Structured Fingers
  • Added Grip
  • Longer Cuff
  • Single Velcro Strap
  • Flex Area


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      chad j guthrie
      Prosecutor gloves.

      I like the glove I now have three pairs that I have bought. They are a comfortable glove. Not bulky. I use them riding and with recovery ropes and winch’s. I have Back country recoveries.

      Brendan Mcelroy
      My go to glove

      These are my Go To glove for off trail riding. They are thin and breathable but have held up to 3 winters of abuse. I have been caught in rain,snow, sleet etc and they have taken care of me every step of the way. If your looking for a thin style backcountry glove that offers full mobility, great comfort and years of protection I would recommend these everytime.

      Joe Gill
      Going into 3rd season

      I've used these gloves for 2 full seasons now, which is better life than any other glove I've tried. Its reinforced in all the right places and integrated with leather instead of light materials like mechanics gloves or most other brands. Its rugged enough for use also as a "work" glove strapping down sleds, putting on chains, tightening down the sled deck, handling wood when building a backcountry fire, etc!

      Kyle groves
      My do it all glove

      I wear these gloves all the time and love the fit and feel. Once it's go time i make sure these are on my hands

      Benjamin Harlow
      Mechanics gloves on steroids!

      Hands down my go to gloves! Always the first glove I wear when I'm out in the trees. Love how thin they are, control is key. The extra material in the palm and wear areas has helped make these gloves last! The leather helps keep my hands dry vs old mechanics gloves soak in the snow as it hits the warm glove, well worth the buy!