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Our socks are made to keep you warm and wick the sweat away. We use a special blend that is almost all Alpaca. The other materials help with the softness and stretching. The inside is soft and is Hypo-allergenic and odor resistant.

  • Re-enforced Sole
  • Nylon Outer Shell
  • Terry Loop Lined
  • Stretchable Talus Section

Advantages over Wool

  • Stronger (per same fineness)
  • Hollow fiber, warmer for equal weight
  • Softer, less itchy and irritating to the skin
  • Naturally hypoallergenic - Alpaca is free from dander and lanolin which causes allergic skin reactions in some people.
  • Alpaca will stay cleaner longer because it is lanolin-free and does not hold dust.
  • Superfine fiber won't mat or pill (Some pilling with baby alpaca fiber)
  • Less shrinkage (washable)
  • Thermostatically superior (50 degree comfort range vs. 30 degrees for wool)

Advantages over Synthetics

  • Superior breath-ability
  • Wicks away body moisture which is critical in keeping your feet warm with alpaca socks
  • Hollow fiber, warmer for weight
  • Keeps your warm even when wet
  • Flame resistant does not melt
  • Naturally windproof
  • Stain resistant
  • Resists acquired odors (odors dissipate overnight)

Customer Reviews

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Best Socks

Fantastic socks,great fit for my 14 feet and warm.soft and dry!

James Robinson
Best socks ever!

I always had cold feet. Tried all sorts of socks. These socks rock!