Convict Jumpsuit

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The Convict Jumpsuit is a one-piece suit. Many of you have seen them floating around last year. This suit is packed with features. The material is rugged, waterproof and breathable.

  • Full Length Zip
  • Boot Clip
  • Under-boot Strap
  • Multiple Vents (Legs, back and pit)
  • Removable hood
  • Hood with a beak
  • Ability to tighten hood
  • Full felt collar
  • Collar that can be adjusted
  • Waist that can be tightened
  • Re-enforced knees and inner boot area
  • 3 external pockets and 2 internal pockets
  • Wrist gators
  • Wrist tighteners • Kill switch D-ring
  • Dual pit vents with mesh
  • Rear double zip vent
  • Dual side zips with dual zipper heads
  • Ability to vent in 5 places—3 mesh lined
  • YKK zippers all around
  • Waterproof zippers all around


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