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The Verdict Goggles are of the highest quality for demanding snowmobilers. Through our testing we have found these goggles to be the perfect all around goggle. They look good and function even better.


They have a triangle design nose beak, dual lenses, and a special coating to prevent fogging under even the most extreme conditions.


The lenses are sized to fit right in your helmet and the foam is thick for a solid fit. The strap is an anti-slip to prevent the goggle from sliding around or coming off.


The viewing area of this goggle is one of the largest for a conventional goggle. It gives you a crisp clear view of what's around, and our polarized orange lens means everything appears bright.


All JUDGED goggles come with a hard case, soft bag, and a cleaning cloth.

Customer Reviews

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The goggles I would design if I wasn't so lazy

I just got a pair of these to go with my Judged helmet. They have a lot of small details that indicate how much the designers ride. The rubber on the inside of the strap will better grip the helmet. A ton of foam around the frame will keep the lens away from my sweaty face. I really like the hard case and soft bag for storage. There is nothing worse than finding your goggles got crushed in your gear bag.