Sweaty Glove Hands

January 30, 2017 1 min read

Snowmobiling wise, I think gloves and boots are the hardest gear to make.

Sweating in gloves happens when your hands are too hot. 

Prevent your hands from sweating, by not getting them too hot.

Seems pretty simple doesn't it?

Correct, but your hands should also be allowed to breath, to expel moisture. Your hands should be able to keep a decent amount of moisture in the glove without feeling soggy.

I have dry hands and built my first gloves for that. Put some moisturizer on your hand and dip that glove in a hole in the ice for hours and it would be dry and warm.

Why? Back to the original question, materials. Gloves are water proof because of a layer, membrane or some other branded thing. It is a plastic bag with holes poked in it. How and the distance depends on brand. This technology is so old the patent ran out.


If I had sweaty hands I would look for gloves with no membrane or waterproof ability. I would spray a water repellent available at most fish shops on it. I might try a touch of baby powder and I mean a touch. People with sweaty hands should avoid leather also.