Carbon Fiber Helmets, Polarized Goggles, Waterproof Gloves and more gear for snowmobilers.

Welcome to JUDGED Gear. Our goal is to provide snowmobilers with complete satisfaction and the most advanced gear. We will be using the most advanced technology and patenting new ones we invent. Our team creates products for hill-climbers, trail-riders, boondockers, drag racers, tree riders and freestylers. We actively work with in-house snowmobilers, weekend riders and racers.

Our flagship product, Gavel Carbon Fiber Helmet, is currently one of the lightest helmets out. It is clear coated carbon fiber and super light. It is also ECE certified, so it is OK to use in just about any race or event. Combine this with our Verdict Goggles to have and industry leading fit of goggles and helmets.

JUDGED has many other products just as ground breaking. Our riders are coming up with new ideas all the time. No gimmicks. Just stuff that works.

Along with investing in technology like carbon fiber, anti-fog, and waterproofing, we have made a goal to help snowmobile clubs. We join, promote and donate products to help everybody. 

We stand behind all of our products. If you have ANY issues with our products, please contact us and we will work directly with you.

Try out our products and be amazed that your cash went to something so good.