JUDGED Gear is, for the first time, offering sponsorship, ambassador, influencer and racer programs! We are a rapidly growing brand looking for people to grow with us. Please consider reading the below articles on what is expected of sponsored riders before you apply.







Sponsored riders are professional riders that ride more than 100 days out of the year with very active social media pages on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  They would have consistently high quality and exciting original content. Riders in this group are energetic in promoting JUDGED products both online and in person. Riders at this level should be available during shows and events local to them. This program is extremely limited and represents less than 1% of riders in our industry. Offerings are custom tailored to each rider.

Ambassadors are riders who are aspiring to become professionals. These riders are on the snow every week with weekly high quality and exciting content on their social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube).  Riders in this group are energetic in promoting our product both online and face-to-face. Ambassadors will receive discounted gear that varies by product and with experience.

Influencers are people who already are active in the industry and are trusted. People looking to try our product and writing a review on it. Bloggers, business owners, Facebook page/group administrators, guides or others who are respected  in the industry. This is based on a product by product and person by person basis.

Racers are those who race every weekend. A racer should have 2 years  experience racing on a regular basis. Racers must currently have active social media accounts.