Prisoner Jumpsuit

Our new jumpsuit is here. Several core upgrades and new features. This one-piece suit is made of a rugged material which is both waterproof and breathable. For 2023 we made several improvements.
  • New Design
  • Better fitting belly area
  • New pant pockets
  • New electronics pockets
  • Re-worked inside pockets
  • Front straight flow pit vents
  • New strap system
  • Re-worked wrist gators

[Fully Adjustable] – The jumpsuit can be adjusted to your liking. The wrists and waist can be tightened, the waist can be tightened, the suspenders can be adjusted, boot openings adjusted and the collar can be changed.

[Easy and Secure Closing] - The jumpsuit can easily be put on and has one full-length zipper. It has A total of three external pockets, as well as two internal pockets, which can all also be closed with zippers. All zippers are waterproof to keep your dry at all times.

[Stay Comfortable] – Not only is this jumpsuit comfortable and warm to wear out in the snow thanks to the full felt collar, but it also has several features designed to protect you. The knee and inner boot areas are reinforced, and the jumpsuit has wrist gators. The hood is also beaked to shield your eyes from the sun coming from above, as well as falling snow.

[Breathable] – To prevent you from getting all sweaty while wearing the jumpsuit, we have a number of components to prevent this. Our waterproof membrane has microscopic holes to let moisture out. Our inner system has certain fabric to allow moisture to pass through. With that we have added the ability to vent in the legs, back and pits.

  • Full Length Zip
  • Boot Clip
  • Under-boot Strap
  • Multiple Vents (Legs, back and pit)
  • Removable hood
  • Hood with a beak
  • Ability to tighten hood
  • Full felt collar
  • Collar that can be adjusted
  • Waist that can be tightened
  • Re-enforced knees and inner boot area
  • 3 external pockets and 2 internal pockets
  • Wrist gators
  • Wrist tighteners • Kill switch D-ring
  • Dual pit vents with mesh
  • Rear double zip vent
  • Dual side zips with dual zipper heads
  • Ability to vent in 6 places—3 mesh lined
  • YKK zippers all around
  • Waterproof zippers all around
  • 1000d Seat Area

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