Sanction Goggles
Sanction Goggles
Sanction Goggles

Sanction Goggles

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The Sanction Goggles include a collection of innovations from our past goggle design. We removed the frame, increased the viewing area, vented and shortened the beak, widened the strap and added a super easy lens swapping system.  All our test riders have loved these!

Frame-less Design

We removed the frame. No more snow can build up on your goggles. Deep pow, sleet, whatever, these are designed to have it all just slide off.

Magnet Connection

Swap your lens instantly. We are using specialized magnets that are strong enough to actually pull the lens from your hand and connect it to the goggle, creating a strong seal. 


A new vented nose beak, dual layer lenses, a special coating to prevent fogging, and our famous side vented foam.


Much like our Verdict goggles, the lenses are sized to fit right in your helmet and the foam is thick for a solid fit. The strap is an anti-slip to prevent the goggle from sliding around or coming off.


Even larger viewing area with a perfect fit and no frame. 


All JUDGED goggles come with a hard case and a soft bag.


You can purchase extra lenses here: Buy Extra Lenses



Sanction Goggles