Sanction Goggle Lens

Sanction Goggle Lens with cloth bag.

Want to have a couple color choices for the days that conditions change while you are riding?  Add an additional lens to your order and swap lenses in a snap!

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Matt Shippee

Sanction Goggle Lens

chris case
To the test

This is the second season with Judged sanction googles , I use 2 lens colors . Yellow and the transition Photochromic. 98% of the time I’m using the transition lens. They give me the best over all light to dark view in most all weather, sun to heaven snow . Great vision with this lens . The yellow I use for dense fog. The yellow gives a great feature definition in the low light fog . I’m very happy with these lens on the mountain along with a competitive price . Makes this goggle combination a must have .

Thank you
Chris Case

Todd Copenhaver

I love the goggles they kicked butt I didn’t have a single bit of trouble with them and never had them fog up on me they were one of the best things that I got last year

Tanner M
Replacement lenses

Awesome lenses! I’ve ordered them in the past and they came with a cloth bag but no cloth bag this time. Kinda disappointed.

Tom Kiviat
Replacement googles

Ordered a new set of googles as my older ones were wearing out and lenses were getting scratched up. Easy order and delivery was in about a week and a half during the holidays.