Sanction Goggle Lens

Upgrade your snowmobiling experience with the Sanction Goggles Lens. Engineered for precision and protection, this lens enhances your vision on the trails, ensuring you can confidently navigate diverse terrains.

Crystal Clear Vision:

Experience unparalleled clarity with the Sanction Goggles Lens. Its advanced technology reduces glare and enhances contrast, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the surroundings.

Anti-Fog Performance:

Don't let fogging obstruct your vision. The Sanction Goggles Lens features anti-fog properties, ensuring a fog-free ride even in challenging weather conditions.

Impact-Resistant Protection:

Protect your eyes with confidence. The Sanction Goggles Lens is crafted from impact-resistant materials, providing reliable protection against debris and other hazards.

Quick and Easy Replacement:

Conveniently replace your goggles' lens to adapt to changing weather conditions and lighting. The Sanction Goggles Lens is designed for quick and hassle-free installation.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Vision: Reduces glare and enhances contrast for crystal clear vision.
  • Anti-Fog Properties: Ensures a fog-free experience in various weather conditions.
  • Impact-Resistant: Provides reliable protection against debris and impacts.
  • Easy Replacement: Designed for quick and hassle-free lens replacement.
  • Compatible with Sanction Goggles: Specifically designed for use with Sanction Goggles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Dana Giggey

Great lenses, couldn’t beat the spring deal so I bought 2 more for the future

Justin Boisvert

Great product even better shipping time

Matt Gamache
2 thumbs up

Very happy with my Sanction Goggles. Fit great, comfortable and easily switched out if needed. All my Judged gear has been beyond satisfactory. Will continue to be a customer 👍

Matt Shippee

Sanction Goggle Lens

chris case
To the test

This is the second season with Judged sanction googles , I use 2 lens colors . Yellow and the transition Photochromic. 98% of the time I’m using the transition lens. They give me the best over all light to dark view in most all weather, sun to heaven snow . Great vision with this lens . The yellow I use for dense fog. The yellow gives a great feature definition in the low light fog . I’m very happy with these lens on the mountain along with a competitive price . Makes this goggle combination a must have .

Thank you
Chris Case