September 24, 2019 2 min read

Sometimes zippers do get stuck. This is because of the lodging of dirt and debris in the zipper slider. The lifespan of your zipper can be extended with cleaning and lubrication, thereby preventing sticking, oxidation, and jamming in snowmobiling.

The following are how tо mаіntаіn your zірреr:

Do not force it

This stands as the most potent means of giving care to your zippers. You overwork your zippers by putting excess load into your bag than recommended. It becomes uneasy to close your zippers when you force in excess load to your jacket. You can stress the zippers of your jacket by overloading it. In a situation whereby you have excess stuffs that will stress your zippers, ensure that you pull the stuffs together prior to shutting the zipper. Do not pull on the zipper when you have overstuffed your jackets and pants as this will ultimately bring damages. You should not do the same if the stuff would be stuck in the zipper. You should not force it open and otherwise.

Zірреrѕ nаgѕ – what is the way out when stuffs get in between the teeth of your zipper even as it is quite annoying?

You need to follow the golden rule of zippers: never force it! Forcing it will make things messy. The appropriate strategy is backing out the zipper away from the snag. You should push the material back in or pull it out. Then attempt to close the zipper once more. If the snags are annoying, reduce the exerted force on the zipper by drawing it from the metal tab.

Keep your jackets and pant’s zippers сlеаn

It is also possible for dirt to stick between the teeth of your zipper. This is common and failure to do something will reduce the lifespan of the zipper of your jackets and pants.

It is very easy to clean the zipper in your jackets and pants. Only a little effort is required to keep them clean.

  • Check the recommendations of the manufacturer as seen on the tag. You should do this prior to the cleaning. Instructions for guidance are provided by manufacturers.
  • Make use of sopa and water to clean your zippers. Apply some efforts on the zippers while cleaning your jacket and pant. Ensure the brushing of all dirt and grimes. Zipper closure obstruction is caused majorly by dirt.
  • After you wash and clean your jacket and pant, air-dry them.

Remember tо lubrісаtе уоur jackets аnd раnt’ѕ zірреrѕ

Having known the way to manage and clean your zippers, do not forget to lubricate them. Lubrication helps to prevent issues. Make sure that it is clean before the application of any form of lubricant. Paraffin wax is a suitable lubricant.