Sweaty Glove Hands?

October 08, 2019 1 min read

When it comes to snowmobiling, I am of the opinion that gloves can be the hardest item to make. One person will be sold and another will be sweating. This article is for those who sweat in their gloves.

People sweat in gloves when their hands are too hot. 

Hence, ensure that your hands do not become too hot to prevent sweating. Turn down your bar warmers.

Turning down or off the bar warmers does not always work. Some people just run hot. A somewhat common issue is sweaty than cold hands.

Gloves are waterproof due to a layer that has many different brand names and marketing jargon. All in all it is membrane. It is made of plastic and it has holes poked in it. One particular brand invented this years ago, but due to the oldness of this technology, the patent ran out. We now have many different types.

This membrane in some will not be able to expel enough moisture.


For sweaty hands, gloves without membrane will help. JUDGED offers a warm glove without this membrane. This allows the hands to fully breath. These gloves are called the Defendant. This glove is warm, but will let the moisture escape.