What is Hipora?

August 12, 2014 2 min read

Many of the JUDGED products use a something called Hipora. What is that?

Hipora is a 3 layer membrane that prevents water from coming in while letting moisture out. It has a microporous structure. It is premium fabric with a polyurethane coating, the layers of material have tiny holes in it so water cannot get in, but moisture can. You can pour water in our Guardian Glove and it will not drip.  If you pour boiling water in you will see steam rise from the finger tips. It is truly amazing stuff that keeps you warm and dry.

The version we use also includes microscopic aluminum flakes for zeolite crystallization. It contains about 9 billion pores per every square inch. The process of creating this material is a trade secret because it is a balancing act to find the correct process and control the size of each hole.

The first layer will prevent any water from getting in. It has pores less then .5 um in diameter. The opening is so small to prevent the water from entering, but letting moisture out.

The second layer is a honeycomb structure that lets moisture in to let it expel through the first layer. It absorbs the moisture so your body does not get sweaty while letting the moisture slowly leave. This is all at a microscopic and macroscopic levels you will never feel.

The third layer is very dense for added protection against water. This is the layer closest to you and makes sure no water can come in.

All three layers combined create Hipora and that is what we use in most of our gear.  We have used the technology on the snow and have always had great success. This technology actually meets O.S.H.A.Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29CFR 1910.1030).   We may not recommend you use it in that environment, but is a testament to its quality. Combine this with other technology we use for the perfect snowmobile products.