Don’t Get Hot and You Won’t Get Cold

October 04, 2015 2 min read

Say that title to yourself again. Don’t get hot and you won’t get cold. That is the secret in a comfortable ride. A lot of people are worried and complain that they get cold and will buy some crazy thick jacket. Unless you have a medical condition, staying comfortable is relatively easy—layer and wear the proper gear.

Too many people buy insulated jackets snowmobiling. Insulated jackets have their uses in other sports or maybe in the arctic, but is barely needed for most snowmobilers. It is a common site to see somebody wearing a high priced fully insulated jacket and a cotton t-shirt. This same person will be hot during the day and may be bragging about how hot their coat is. It is even more amusing when you steam leaving their coat when they unzip. This rider will stop being proud in a few hours when the temp drops 30 degrees. Sweat and moisture gets cold quick! This same rider bragging before will now be complaining that he or she is cold and they want to go home.

This easily fixed by layering with proper gear. Buy a coat and pants like our JUDGED Justice line. A proper coat and pant setup should block all water and wind from coming in, but letting moisture out. The jacket should have vents for those warm spring days. Moisture wicking properties and water repellant shells are a nice bonus. A nice lightweight fleece and a thermal for layers is a great setup. This allows you to control your temp and not sweat. No cotton. You will be warm all day and night and most likely drier! Layering is not a new thing, but seems to have been forgotten. Here is each layer explained:

Base Layer

This is the layer that touches your ski. This is commonly a “thermal” and should be able to wick moister and cool and warm quickly.  The materials do change, so just look for a thermal that contains no cotton.

Mid Layer / Insulation Layer

This keeps the warm in and still lets moisture out. A fleece is common for the layer. Fleece helps create still air pockets and traps heat. Air is actually an excellent insulator and weighs nothing.

Outer Layer / Shell

This is to keep the outside elements out. It should block all wind and water, but let moisture out. Materials vary, but don’t worry JUDGED has you covered.

Layering has number of benefits also. You can use the same setup all season, dry quicker, more easily washed, warmer and thinner.

Remember, dress in layers and don’t get hot and you won’t get cold!