October 01, 2019 2 min read

Most riders utilize them for protection from wind and debris. Ski goggles do not usually have them, but your snowmobile goggles will. The riders do admit that they just use them without thinking about it. Despite the non-usage of nose guards by individuals who participate in other winter sports, dirt MX and snowmobile riders generally always have them. The first time many individuals started riding with ATV was with open face helmets and ATV goggles. ATV goggles have grown into niche market and its focus has always been on the dirt. The growth of snowmobile industry has emerged and companies such as JUDGED are coming up with snowmobile specific products. We have some goggles with nose guards while some do not. We also have some nose guards that can be replaced. You can determine the one that suits you.

If you have medical issues like skin situations, you need a nose guard.  This is often to prevent sunburn or wind burn. This is uncommon but flexible for some individuals.

The cause of fogging is by nose guards that hold heat. You can go for a nose guard and see the difference. It is very likely that your nose will not get cold due to sufficient heat you have to fog your goggles. Our Sanction goggles actually have vents to have the best of both worlds.

You might need some extra protection just like some snow cross racers when the track becomes dirt and things begin to fly.

If you boondock or are highly active on your snowmobile, we highly suggest our vented nose piece. You will have the protection and hot air can escape.

When it comes to riding in very cold weather at higher speeds, you really want a nose guard. You might have frostbite on your exposed nose; hence, the additional protection will be handy.