October 22, 2019 2 min read


The search for an appropriate pair of snowmobile pants and jackets can be uneasy. Choosing wrongly will make one to experience a wet and disappointing outing. The right choice will provide you a comfortable gear having the capacity to keep your body dry and stay useful throughout the journey.

The production of Durable Water Repellent (DWR) is by the addition of coating to fabrics such that they become resistant to water. There are various levels of being ‘impervious to water’ based on the definition of ‘waterproof’ in the Oxford English Dictionary. You might have bought any item previously labeled as waterproof but did not have the said property. The following include the definitions.

  • Water Resistant: the least protection against the snow is obtainable at this level. You will feel some dryness in your snowmobile pants for some period; however, it will later become saturated.
  • Water Repellent: in this level, water does not penetrate easily. The material of this nature will not allow moisture to soak through the fabric due to a surface coating.
  • Waterproof: materials of this nature should keep water out. This is because of additional coating bond on it. There are different scales for the rating of waterproofed materials. However, there is no standardization for the testing.

For the best decision, remember that being breathable is a good feature for the best snowmobile gear. You will feel wet when sweat breaks during a ride even with outer fabrics being able to repel water, when it is not breathable. This is where DWR fabric JUDGED gear come in handy.

The combination of DWR with our Laminate makes provision for the best, keeping your gear dry within and without for your comfort without respect to the conditions. 

DWR is different from our laminate. DWR is not permanent because it is a coating. You can re-waterproof your gear and it is not difficult to do. It is cheaper and enhances sustainability instead of buying new material. There is also the extension of the longevity of the material.

  • Wash


Washing your gear is the first step to its revitalization. Different dirt clog up the pore of the fabric. The presence of the dirt does not allow moisture to exit and you become soaked with your own sweat. Make use of certain cleaning agent to waterproof as well as washing with cold water. We offer a complete kit to do all the steps: https://www.judgedgear.com/collections/outerwear/products/gear-cleaner-wash-in-waterproofer-and-dwr-spray

  • Aррlу


There are various solutions for re-waterproofing based on the garment type. Wash the jacket on a normal cycle using ReviveX Wash-In Repellent or other brands for shell jackets and pants. It is also possible to add some waterproofing to seams, soft shells, fleece, and more.

  • Drу


Following the revitalization of your old gear, deep dry it in a dryer using a low setting. Ensure to remove any excess wax and leave it for a day to dry.