Snowmobile Gear Articles

Layering Tips

“Someone who is just getting started out in this great sport, what essentials should they pack if weather changes? Sweatshirt? Good tight fitting fleece?”

Never a sweatshirt! Never anything with any cotton. Check your clothing tags and make sure none of them contain cotton when riding. You want a thin thermal base, a mid-layer based on weather and a good outer layer.

I like a good tight base thermal and these can be bought anywhere. Some things to look for is cut and the silicone line. Some brands have a silicone line on the bottom of the...

Sweaty Glove Hands

Snowmobiling wise, I think gloves and boots are the hardest gear to make.

Sweating in gloves happens when your hands are too hot. 

Prevent your hands from sweating, by not getting them too hot.

Seems pretty simple doesn't it?

Correct, but your hands should also be allowed to breath, to expel moisture. Your hands should be able to keep a decent amount of moisture in the glove without feeling soggy.

I have dry hands and built my first gloves for that. Put some moisturizer on your hand and dip that glove in a hole in the ice for...

Camcorder Research

I am in need of a decent camera, camcorder, video camera or whatever you want call it. Something that can take good video shots on the side of a mountain and easy enough for another rider to use with minimal instruction.

After some research and Facebook I mainly just got pointed towards brands and models. Just like with sled gear nobody was talking the details on why the item worked better. I wanted to cut through the marketing and compare some details. I am not an expert by any means, but this is what I found in my research.


Don’t Get Hot and You Won’t Get Cold

Say that title to yourself again. Don’t get hot and you won’t get cold. That is the secret in a comfortable ride. A lot of people are worried and complain that they get cold and will buy some crazy thick jacket. Unless you have a medical condition, staying comfortable is relatively easy—layer and wear the proper gear.

Too many people buy insulated jackets snowmobiling. Insulated jackets have their uses in other sports or maybe in the arctic, but is barely needed for most snowmobilers. It is a common site to see somebody wearing a high priced fully insulated jacket and...

Get Your Gavel Helmet Looking New

Did you get some scratches on your that new pretty carbon fiber helmet from riding in the trees? The pads get a little dirty? No problem. Read below on how to clean your helmet and get the inside and outside looking new.


The internal pads can be removed very easily. JUDGED suggests you hand wash these with cold water and let them air dry.

Wash the pads with cold water and a mild soap or just grab some shampoo. Rinse the soap off with the cold water. If you notice leftover soap please do not from twist or anything...